Of Interest to Private Service Professionals

The Value of Professionalism

Jennifer Stemes – Senior Consultant

At Home Staffing Network, International we encourage Clients to do a thorough due diligence when inviting a new staff member into their homes. We see the resumes, we talk with the Candidates, we check references at the appropriate pre-hire time, and at the Clients’ request, utilize the services of a company who has many years in the background checking business. Together we work to accomplish the best outcome for all, knowing the staff is top notch and that the Clients’ identity and property will be protected.

We cannot stress enough how valuable it is to protect your identity and to make sure those that look for you find only good, professional things. If you don’t already, check with free credit monitoring companies (ex. Credit Karma) to make sure you are safe and secure. You can see your free credit score so you can follow up if something looks wrong.

Candidates, we suggest you routinely pull a ‘Google’ check on yourself. Simply type your name into Google and see what pops up. Those seemingly funny comments or photos with the umbrella drinks on the beach on social media may come back to haunt you.

Another good suggestion is call yourself. Listen to the outgoing message – sometimes your preferences or humor in a voicemail message may not impress the Clients. While looking for a new opportunity be sure those who choose to call would get the professional you.

Finally, the best attitude is to be ready for the interview. See our “Interview Tips” on our website. Also, your photo should be the best image possible of you alone, just a head shot, looking as professional as possible.

Here’s to the success of hiring and placement.