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This page was last updated on 1/20/2020

Housekeeper, Miami- Live in

Couple living in a large traditional residence on a large property seeking experienced Housekeeper,  Duties include:

  • Careful oversight of residence with proper professional mindset about the importance of proper procedures to be followed with fine furnishings and materials.
  • Full housekeeping
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Light cooking and serving

Professional salary, nice accommodations.  Full job description available.  Posted 1-20-2020

Housekeeper- Naples, FL- Live Out

Couple with 2 children living in Old Naples are seeking a Housekeeper.

Full housekeeping duties.

  • Hours are generally 11:30 AM until 8 PM five days a week. This will be usually Monday through Friday. There will be an occasional weekend day requested when entertaining guests. These hours are nonnegotiable.

Excellent compensation depending on experience with benefits.

Full description available. Updated 12/011/2019

Housekeeper- Siesta Key

Family with adult children seeking experience candidate for this full time live out position.


You will be responsible for working with the other Housekeeper to maintain the standards of housekeeping in the home.  Specific duties include:

  • Laundry and ironing
  • Housekeeping
  • Additional tasks as requested


  • Strong experience as professional Housekeeper working in a private home with longevity
  • Happy, positive personality, self-motivated and proactive.
  • Energetic, calm, respectful, discreet, honest and responsible character.
  • Having a professional attitude and possess good organizational skills
  • Be well groomed, non-drug user, physically able to perform the duties of the position and willing to take a pre-commencement physical.
  • English as first language is preferred
  • Be of good background and willing to submit to pre-employment background screening
  • Be non-smoker


Generally – Monday through Friday 8-5    NOTE from client:  we do not require them to work on Saturdays, save in July/early August when we rotate to 1 working Monday – Friday and the other working Tuesday – Saturday.  Sometimes at the Holidays we are asked to have them come in on a Saturday.


Generally Monday through Friday 9-5   Candidates must be flexible on workdays, hours requested and some holidays.



  • $20 plus range with benefits


  • Medical and dental
  • Vacation and holidays
  • Retirement plan

Posted 12/30/2019  HSNI

Housekeeper / Family Assistant- San Francisco

Entrepreneurial couple with children seeking an experienced private service professional to join their staff for this live out position.  Duties include:

  • Overall responsibility for full housekeeping and laundry
  • Coordination and supervision of any outside vendors and service providers
  • Occasional help with childcare
  • Light meal prep i.e. start dinner
  • Occasional help in the evening when employers are away
  • Other duties as would complement the position

Excellent compensation package with benefits.  M-F schedule.

Full job description available.

Posted 12/17/2019  HSNI

Housekeeper Who Can Travel 

Fort Lauderdale Based 6+ months / year    Live out in Fort Lauderdale.  Housing provided in other locations which include Saratoga Springs, NY and Greenwich, CT

Couple with adult children and grandchildren seeking experienced candidate for this position.  Duties include:

You will be responsible for overseeing and hands on maintaining of the standards of housekeeping in the home with the Estate Manager.  Specific duties include:

  • Full charge housekeeping
  • Laundry and pressing
  • Errands and other tasks that come up.
  • Assist with occasional entertainment service

HOURS OF SERVICE: On duty for 5 days per week on a flexible schedule to be worked out in advance with generally two consecutive days off.  Generally, Tuesday – Saturday.  Hours are generally 10 am to 6 pm. Salary covers up to 45 hours per week. The employer attitude is supportive and cooperative and highly values the service attitude that puts their needs at a premium.

  • A salary is offered dependent on the experience, salary history and background of the candidate- $70k or more
  • Benefits- Medical after 90 days of service


  • Staff home with private accommodation in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Hotel accommodation in Greenwich, CT

Posted 12/11/2019  HSNI

Housekeeper- Naples, FL based Live in

Single Lady seeking experienced Housekeeper to work for her in Naples.


  • Make a walk through of the house on a daily basis to assure all rooms and bathrooms are tidy
  • Keep home organized and cleaned with an eye for detail
  • Shopping and errands
  • Occasionally prepare dinner
  • Plant care
  • Keep outside areas of the property clean- including windows
  • Keep refrigerators and freezers organized and stocked
  • Other duties as would complement the position


  • Professional compensation with benefits
  • Medical insurance
  • Meals


  • Private room and bath and small kitchen

Posted 12/4/2019  HSNI

House Manager- Personal Assistant- Boulder, CO

Couple with children seeking long-term professional hands on House Manager / Personal Assistant to manage all aspects of their properties and assist with any tasks to support Principals that is requested.  The family has a super busy schedule which includes heavy travel, often to different locations.  The ideal candidate will be able to anticipate the calendar and prepare accordingly to best support the family.  There are a lot of errands and returns daily in addition to administrative tasks.  Candidate must be comfortable with variety of tasks.

Full job description available

Posted 11/20/2019