Training & Consulting Services

Cassford Management LLC

Home Staffing Network International partners with Cassford Management from time to time to source more candidates for complicated job orders. They are the type of professional agency that we like to work with and are not connected with us in any other way. Please call Kim for a no obligation consultation. Kim Cassford 646 645 6164

Cassford Management LLC also offers on-site custom housekeeper training designed to support the client’s lifestyle needs and interest. We offer a full range of services including; etiquette and protocol; table setting, serving and clearing; how to greet and receive household guest and answering of the telephone; to the day to day running of a home including correct cleaning techniques, a review of tools, supplies and equipment with recommendations if needed, how to launder properly and wardrobe management, as well as, organization of spaces.

We teach with teaching materials and by demonstration and require the student to demonstrate back the practices we teach to ensure they understand the materials, techniques, and to build confidence.

Our instructors are all certified Household Managers, with over 15 years in private service, with a highly interactive, very friendly approach/method in teaching. We will translate materials when needed for students to learn and understand in their native language as we feel this accelerates the learning process and better retention.

Cassford Management is a company based on a proven track record for clients and we have many contactable references and letters on file. We are passionate about ensuring success for both the client and the employee!

Contact Kim Cassford 646 645 6164