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Top Ten Tips For Employers

Ten ideas to help get great private service in your private life

  1. Hire the right person for the job in your home using a thoughtful approach based upon identifying appropriate experience, mindset, potential fit and references.
  2. Bring staff on board in a way that helps them be successful and long
  3. Be thinking retention strategies. Thank you is a simple one. Financial incentives are another.
  4. Know that mutual respect is key to a good long term relationship
  5. Ensure that your expectations are reasonable and your staff person can maintain a quality life of their own.
  6. Communicate upcoming events and other details that staff need to know to do their jobs in ways that are timely, clear and get to everyone that needs to know at the appropriate time.
  7. It is important to be even in disposition, fair, friendly and not familiar with your employees.
  8. Plan regular times to meet just to discuss how things are going for both parties.
  9. Micromanagement of staff can diminish often diminish the level of service that could be possible in a home.
  10. Encourage all staff to communicate and treat fellow staff and vendors with courtesy and respect.