Cadbury the Butler Q&A

Private Staff Credentials

Dear Cadbury,
Hi, I’m 16 years old and very interested in becoming a butler after I graduate from high school next year. Can I go straight to butler academy or do I have to attend a few years of college first? Also, would it be wise to work at a wealthy person’s home to get the feeling of working for the rich?

Dear Jason,
A professional butler is skilled in the areas of service, management of people and property, accounting, and many other aspects of managing a home. The general 6 to 8 week courses at the Butler Training Schools provide a polish and focus to a persons who have pre-existing knowledge and experience base. In and of itself, the school training is not sufficient to make a trained Butler.

Since a Butler is really a household executive in today’s scenario, we recommend that you get a college degree in a subject field that is relevant such as Restaurant, Hotel and Travel Administration or a Hotel and Catering diploma. At the same time seek out part-time work in a good hotel or restaurant or private estate to gain practical experience. Perhaps you can contact the house administrator of a staffed residence and get a summer job or internship. Good luck!
– Cadbury

Dear Cadbury,
I am a former student of the South African school for butlers. It is true that the school has gone bust, there was a notification of liquidation in the Cape Argus in February or March this year, and founder Frederic Frazer has changed all his contact details, and is nowhere to be found.

I am concerned about those of us who did the Butlers course in South Africa with Frederich Frazer. Will we still be acknowledged internationally and is there any records of us kept anywhere?
Regards, South African Butler

Dear South African Butler,
I can appreciate that you would be concerned because the school has dissolved. I trust that you received a diploma. I would be sure to keep any other documentation that you have regarding the school along with any newspaper clippings.

I believe the School’s diploma will continue to be recognized internationally.

In the end, the reality is that there was a school, you went to it, you graduated, and you learned the curriculum. Knowing this, the potential employer should and most likely will not be inclined to dwell on this and will be likely more interested in reviewing your relevant experience and hopefully try out you or the other Butlers.

If the school was registered with the state, there might be some record of the graduates.
– Cadbury