Of Interest to Private Service Professionals

Interview Questions to Ask Employers

It is important that candidates have reasonably good clarity on the following points. Many of the details should be included in written job descriptions that your agency provides, so that the answers to these questions are known prior to the interview or at the latest at the time of accepting a job offer.

The interview should be a time to gauge the personality fit, but it may be an opportunity to get additional details. The following questions are not necessarily in any order.

  • What is the employers business and how are he / she / they regarded in the community?
  • What does the employer envision as a typical work day and work week?
  • What is the best way to communicate with the employer when on the job- by meeting once a day, voice mail, email, sticky notes? This gives you a sense of the style of the employer.
  • “What irritates you the most in terms of staff behaviors?” (So you get a sense of what is really important to them. It may be that they do not like to be interrupted except in emergencies, perhaps they do not like cooking odors past the kitchen- it can be many things and is a good conversation starter.
  • Who will be the main employer contact?
  • Has there been someone in this position previously? If so- how long, why left etc.
  • If new position, is there a more complete job description or “a typical day” outline?
  • Is there other staff that you can talk to learn more about the position?
  • Who is to be served i.e. the make up of the family including the in house family and any extended family. This tips you off if you are going to be involved with the Boss’s mother in-law living across town.
  • What is the uniform policy / dress code?
  • Vacation days, sick days, policy when one works the holidays, medical and dental benefits, car privileges, moving expense policy etc Make sure these details are clear before you hire on.
  • When will I hear back about this position and your interest in me as a candidate?