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Interim Home Management Services

Interim Estate Management Services (IMS)

What is Interim Management?

Short-to-mid term (1 week to 3+ months) temporary estate/household management services provided by experienced private service professionals.

When is Interim Management used?

  • When your current staff needs a well deserved break
  • To keep the household running while interviewing and/or training new personnel
  • When extra management/hands are needed for special events/occasions such as weddings or gala events
  • To organize and ramp up a new home
  • To staff a seasonal home(s)
  • Anytime your household is short handed and experienced, immediate help is needed

What positions can be covered by Interim Management Services?

  • Estate Manager
  • Household Manager
  • Personal Assistant
  • Senior Companion
  • Event/Party Planner
  • Traveling Companion
  • Butler
  • Chauffeur
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Housekeeper
  • Personal Chef
  • Whatever needs to be done

What kind of person provides Interim Management Services?

Skilled, long-term, experienced estate managers who have been in domestic service and who are retired or semi-retired from service but seek to be useful and keep their domestic skills & resume sharp. Many people in domestic service are dedicated to the field, and enjoy staying involved but do not require full-time employment. These types of individuals make themselves available for Interim Management since having been there themselves they know how extremely  valuable accomplished, competent, “step-in” assistance can truly be.

How much does Interim Management cost?

You should expect to compensate a skilled Interim provider equally to what you would be providing full-time personnel in a similar position. After all, these are not trainees, you are benefiting from cream-of-the-crop, top career professionals who are willing to provide you excellent management relief at a moment’s notice – when you need it most!

The cost of IMS services will therefore vary and will calculated at time of contact.

Where is Interim Management Services available?

Most IMS providers are willing to work worldwide.

How much notice is needed for Interim Service personnel?

Generally one week minimum notice is requested.

How do I request Interim Service personnel?

Contact Werner Leutert at werner@homestaffingnetwork.com or call Werner at 239- 262 0724 with your staffing request dates, job description, and current position compensation levels