Employer Related Documents

Developing the Job Description

Client Requirements Interview

Responses to the topics below help us to craft an accurate job description and job specification for Household Staff. The finished product is shared with potential candidates who are potentially viable candidates. Whether in person or by phone or email, we seek to gain an understanding of the job, the employer and home and family involved.

What is the amily make-up and snap shot of those who will be most directly served?

Your residence size, age, complexity, useage, degree it is organized with professional staff in mind contents- type furnishings, sophistication of electronics, vehicles, security issues, grounds, outside concerns additional information-pets, special features, historical input

What is the current staff situation, what has it been and what is envisioned?

If position is a replacement, why did the previous person in the position leave. What is your employment philosophy.

Do you prefer a tone of service that is formal, informal or combination?

Indicate personal preferences-smoking, allergies, food preferences if cooking involved.

Discuss responsibilities of the job as you see them. Indicate the importance or amount of “hands on” involvement in each cooking, serving of food, cleaning, entertainment management of other staff, management of vendors other duties and expectations

Educational / Experience sought in the person who would be ideal in this position. Also review other qualifiers.

Salary indication and amount of time to be covered by salary year in US$ or local currency-please specify

Live in arrangements are:

  • Benefits (not all may be applicable) – vacation, holidays, health & life insurance, retirement, comp time, housing, auto use

Start date:

  • Personality-what type of personality works best with employer?
  • Specializations sought-cooking skills, business skills, languages, traveling, other comments.