Home Staffing Network Associates

Werner Leutert, Principal

My parents were from Switzerland and I was born in Maryland, USA. I grew up in the traditions of Swiss hospitality, efficiency, and appreciation for manners and protocol. My service nature led me to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Restaurant & Hotel Administration from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I began my career as the Manager of a historic family owned resort located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. For the next five years, my wife and I lived and worked on the property of the scenic Irondequoit Inn. (www.irondequoitinn.com).

We were then recruited by the family who owned Glendorn Estate, which is now open to the public as The Lodge at Glendorn (www.glendorn.com). For over 18 years I served as the Estate Manager / Butler for this extravagant 1,500 acre property which was completely private during my tenure. As the largest single employer of domestic staff in Pennsylvania during the 1980’s, Glendorn employed a team of over 60 staff members during peak summer periods in all traditional household positions ranging from Private Chefs to Housekeepers, Nannies, Drivers, and more.

While catering to the wishes and sensibilities of six distinct branches of the large extended family who owned the estate, I became intimately familiar with the challenges of maintaining the respect of Principals, family members, and staff. I was exposed to a concept that differed from the hotel school focus on managing properties for profit. The Principals were willing to cover any shortfalls in income versus expense. Glendorn had many old traditions and satisfying the needs of the family were paramount.

After the family matriarch passed away and oil fortunes dipped in the mid 1990’s, the owners decided to open the facility to paying guests. Now a Relais and Chateaux affiliated property, Glendorn has transformed into a destination resort for a very exclusive sector of the public. In 2016, the property was named “No. 1 Best Resort Hotel” in the continental U.S. by the prestigious Travel + Leisure Magazine.

My next position was as a formal Butler in the fully staffed residence of the prominent Barron Collier family in Naples, Florida (www.barroncollier.com). After several years of service in this role, I decided to capitalize on my unique understanding of private service from the perspectives of both employer and employee and established a staffing consultancy.

I have been the Principal of Home Staffing Network International for over 15 years. Although assisting with job placements are our primary focus, I also offer my services on a consulting basis. I am available to provide guidance and advice on all matters pertaining to private service.

The business standard of Home Staffing Network International is firmly based on the concept of mutual respect, honesty, and integrity. This philosophy, along with the application of traditional values to a modern service context, has been the cornerstone of our success. I am keenly interested in all matters concerning private staff in the home and have accumulated and maintained an extensive network of contacts in the industry. I look forward to being of service.