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SRS Protection Services

SRS Protection, Inc. offers a security difference that really matters. So you can feel safe and sound at home or work in Southern California. Or wherever you might be.

SRS Protection boasts more than 20 years of experience, expertise and specialization in law enforcement, security and emergency services management – for multiple agencies, ranging from the public and private sectors to government municipalities.

At SRS, we never view our clients as “just another detail” – but rather aim to establish and build a long-term relationship. We are NOT the typical security company that often hires inexperienced, undertrained security agents. All of our agents are highly trained professionals with many years of experience working for demanding employers ranging from law enforcement to military to fire/EMS and executive protection. All our agents are also thoroughly vetted by SRS to ensure their backgrounds are clean and all professional certifications are current and in good standing.

At SRS, we passionately and professionally provide a wide range of security, protection and administrative services including, but not limited to, Executive Protection, Corporate Security, Estate Security, School Security, Workplace Violence, Transport Protection, Event Security, Worship Centers and Emergency Response Reporting/Data Analysis. With offices in Southern California, Northern California, Colorado and Texas, we can confidently and efficiently provide our security, protection and administrative services anywhere in the United States.

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