High Net Worth Automobile Consulting

Precision Automotive Group

“The Nuts and Bolts of Exotic Car Management”

With over 20 years of experience, David Bentson of Precision Automotive Group is an expert in retail sales, auctions, detailing, collision repair, service repair, and restoration. Precision Automotive Group provides honest, unbiased expertise for those purchasing, selling, or maintaining classic and luxury automobiles.

Throughout his career, David has maintained strong relationships with dealerships, industry executives, suppliers, service repair facilities, and OEM’s. In addition to consumer-facing roles, he also gained insight into the production side while working with a Fortune 500 manufacturing corporation.

Specializing in luxury, sports, and classic cars, David has vast working knowledge of various makes and models of the most premium vehicles, including Ferrari, Porsche, Morgan, Lamborghini, BMW, and more. Because of his extensive experience in the automotive realm, he is able provide all the knowledge necessary to maintain a luxury fleet!

To this day, one of David’s career highlights remains seven blistering laps around the legendary Nürburgring at the wheel of a Porsche GT3!

David Bentson
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