Home Staffing Network Associates

Jennifer Stemes, Senior Consultant

UPDATE: I am happy to report that the Ireland branch of Home Staffing Network International is now in full swing. We look forward to continuing the expansion of our international services. Although I will continue to work with Clients and Candidates in the US, I am now available to work directly with interested parties on this side of “the pond.”

Jennifer Stemes joined Home Staffing Network International in 2007 as Senior Consultant, working with Clients seeking that perfect private staffing placement. One of her main roles has been providing guidance to Candidates going through the application process. Often their first point of contact, Jennifer’s relaxed yet professional demeanor puts Candidates at ease while they navigate through pre-screening, “Presentation Package” preparation, and interviews. Jennifer personalizes a sometimes impersonal process for Candidates by answering questions and addressing concerns.

In addition to screening and identifying qualified candidates, Jennifer’s talents extend through to the final placement. By the time a Candidate is ready to be presented to the Principals, they are prepped and ready to succeed. Throughout this process, she provides all parties with the same courtesy, professionalism, and honesty that she would expect. Jennifer is a great asset to the Home Staffing Network team and has helped ensure that only the crème-de-la-crème are presented to our valued Clients.