Chef Services

Introducing ProChef4U and your Chef…

ProChef4U is a unique service offering our Private Chef Services on an interim basis. It is the answer to your client’s immediate and temporary need for a Private Chef and more.

  • Our professional services are available to fill any position which may be necessitated by a chef’s vacation, unexpected illness, a temporary need before hiring a new full time chef or additional staffing for a special event.
  • ProChef’s level of experience and expertise will let us fill these interim needs efficiently and professionally thus seamlessly fitting into your clients household.
  • Additionally our professional chef can be accompanied by sous chefs, pantry assistant, service personnel, venue supervision, etc.

Meet Your Chef “Two diverse cultures, Italian and Korean, have influenced my life and career. Both share the philosophy; food is essential but it is meant to be enjoyed and shared with friends and family.

Watching my family create fabulous Northern Italian food taught me food is indeed personal. My  Korean wife’s heritage brought more appreciation of food, its health benefits, social interaction and new range of tastes into my repertoire.

My professional career has included recipe development, ownership of catering businesses, and several restaurants. Through  diplomas, degrees and real life experience my culinary skills now range the whole international spectrum of foods and preparation styles.   I combine and blend locally sourced ingredients, traditional styles and techniques with the contemporary resulting in tasty, healthy cuisine and visually pleasing creations.

During the past ten years my wife and I have been working for a couple as a Private Chef and Sous Chef.  We have traveled to their homes, preparing and serving daily meals, family gatherings, elegant charitable events, board meeting, and more.

We have now decided to make our talents and experience available on an interim basis to a few select clients.  We’re ready to bring your client’s culinary visions into reality because food is personal™” buon appetito, Joe Franchi

Our ProChef4U services are available throughout the states. Or anywhere our professional expertise, ability and talent is required to guarantee a stress free experience.

Please visit our website-, call- 435-359-CHEF or email- We would be delighted to talk with you and discuss how we may best serve your client’s needs.

Thank you,