Healthy Diet Educator

Chef Sal Montezinos

As the author of Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine, a book about living a healthy lifestyle and having helped others through their healthy-life journeys, I recognized something familiar in all of my clients and culinary students. They believe, as I do, that life is all about love, passion and health… we strive to attain the best of these. I am blessed to have an abundance of all three: my family and friends, my cooking and never-ending enthusiasm for that delicious yet healthy dish, along with my increased robust feelings of vitality, athleticism and just plain agelessness.

If people are interested in healthy eating, I can take them “by the hand” and counsel the family–or their chef–educating them on preparing and eating a diet that is incredibly healthy. I would comply with the family’s interest level of involvement–whether they would like to jump right in completely to a raw/alkaline diet (which I believe is very doubtful), or would like to ease into it, or to simply incorporate small parts of it into their diets. Most people eat a great deal of alkaline-based foods already, but they just do not know that it has an “alkaline” label–that is–most vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

I can do the shopping, take them shopping, develop shopping lists, put together a list of kitchen appliances needed (I would assume that everything already exists in these kitchens, with the possible exception of a large dehydrator), put together meals for x amount of days–or however they would like to utilize me in that regard. Ultimately the raw/alkaline regimen it is an educational process that probably involves a lifestyle adjustment and is not to be considered a temporary diet.

I can also cook alkaline-based food dishes, prepared by conventional means of a stove and oven. In addition to the raw/alkaline lifestyle, I can do everything else in a kitchen that my 50+ years of being a chef and then owner of four gourmet, award-winning restaurants have taught me. If there is a family that does not have a chef, I would be willing to work with that family–creating healthy meals that may also include fish, beef, poultry, etc.

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