International Butler Schools

Charles McPherson Academy

The Charles MacPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers is located in Toronto, Canada, and is owned and operated by Charles MacPherson Associates Inc, a firm that has been providing discerning solutions to the luxury residential and hospitality markets since 1996.

The school is a registered private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005, and is the only butler and household management school of its kind in North America. The curricular mandate of the school’s program is to turn out skilled professionals who meet the service demands of the 21st Century.


When I first opened the Charles MacPherson Academy, my primary focus was to educate and help bring new talent to the Private Service industry. Over the last ten years, I have been proud of the success of our graduates as they join the ranks of Private Service Professionals across North America and around the world.

Over the years, we have heard from employers and a growing number of those already working in the industry that there is a need for more learning opportunities. In response to this need, we have shifted our focus to offering professional development courses for Private Service Professionals.

While we develop our portfolio of courses, I wanted to highlight two courses that will be offered in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto in early 2020. I hope you’ll share these courses with candidates you feel may benefit from upgrading their skills or with clients who are looking to evolve the skills of their household staff

People Management for Private Service Professionals

Intended for those responsible for managing vendors, contractors, and household staff; it covers assessing household needs, hiring, training, and retaining people.


House Cleaning for Private Service Professionals

Covers essential cleaning knowledge and includes approaches, techniques and best practices for cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.