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This page was last updated on 1/17/2018

Weekend Housekeeper, VA and FL

Couple with adult children seeking live in experienced Housekeeper in Upperville, VA 6 Months/Wellington, FL 6 Months Live On Property
• House Manager
• Weekday staff

• Organization of and performance of cleaning of the residence
• Prep breakfast, set up other meals which have been pre-prepared / arranged.
• Responsible for 7 lb. poodle when House Manager is off site and care for Labrador when client is out.

• Related experience in a similar position
• It is important that they speak English very well and can learn how to print some reports from the computer. Uniforms are provided which consist of polo shirts and slacks.
• Self-directed, confident, honest and mature
• Healthy – mentally, physically and emotionally
• Cheerful, with a good sense of humor and a positive attitude, with ability to be informal and professional at the same time.
• Be well groomed, non-drug user, physically able to perform the duties of the position and willing to submit to a full pre-employment check to verify background, good credit and valid driver license.
• Non smoking
• Ability to sign and adhere to confidentiality agreement.

• Wellington, FL – Friday 8 am – Monday 3 pm – live in main house. This position stays in the main house during these hours with the exception of going to the market or other small errand. It is important that someone is in house. Off-site housing is provided when they are off.
• Upperville, VA Thursday 8-4 pm, Friday 8-4, Saturday 7-3, Sunday 7-3 and Monday 7-3. Apartment accommodations are provided on the farm.

• $20 / hr. range with quality housing and meals. Friday-Monday it is based on 10 hour work days which average out. You turn in any overtime.
• Medical benefits after 2 months/401k after one year
• Paid vacation and 6 paid holidays
Posted 1-15-2018 HSNI

House Manager, Aspen, CO Live out


A single businessman is seeking a House Manager for an 11,000 sq. ft. household located in a ski-in/out home on Aspen mountain. The house is occupied fully (usually with the principal and 12+ guests) three months per year, and then rents to high-end clientele for 1-2 months per year.

The House Manager will be responsible for managing a temporary staff of 2-3 housekeepers while the principal or guests in-residence, plus a chef or nanny when required.

The team works closely together over Slack (team messaging app), email, and on the telephone.

The position requires an individual who is adept at technology (for communicating with the principal) and has strong project- or task-management skills. During the season, the household requires a 24×7 mentality when the principal is in-residence or when high-end guests are renting, often beginning in the morning and ending late at night.


1. Housekeeping: The household is large and requires a high volume of laundry due guests skiing or being outdoors during the day. Management of 2-3 housekeeping staff and establishing process and standards is important.
2. Realtor and renter management: Adept at coordinating with real estate brokers, quoting rates, and reviewing renter agreements.
3. Construction management: The home recently completed a nine month “refresh,” but there are still many small items to be coordinated and completed over the next twelve months.
4. Vendor management:
a. Home automation
c. Chef
d. Nanny

Experience and Skill Sets:

1. Strong familiarity with technology, including mobile and desktop apps, Google Docs, and email.
2. General business skills, including written communication, document or contact review, negotiation and organization.
3. 5+ years of experience as a Personal Assistant or Household Manager working for a principal.
4. 5+ years of people management experience.

Compensation: $100k +

Full job description available

Housekeeper, part time Ft. Lauderdale 2 days per week

Family in temporary home while new home is being built seeks a part time Housekeeper to assist. We usually don’t get involved in part time positions, but this is a very nice client and the position could evolve into full time later next year.
HSNI 12/16/2017

Professional Couple- Palm Beach County- Live on

Residence of retired CEO and family. The home is 5 bedrooms and a guest room. Very manageable.

DUTIES: The Couple is responsible, as a team, to ensure overall smooth operations of the residence. Duties include:

• Menu planning with input from the home owner when they are in residence including meal preparation and service
• Hands on housekeeping functions in the residence including cleaning, laundry, ironing, food shopping and cooking

• Care and management of the home including grounds maintenance and gardening with the help from a lawn service
• Cleaning of windows, doors railings and outdoor furniture
• Power washing driveway and patios
• Pool and spa care
• Driving – airport pick-ups/drop offs and house related driving-shopping, errands etc.
• Vehicle care – gas and wash cars prior to principals and family visits. Coordinate with principal regarding automobile problems and scheduling of service.
• Other duties and errands as would complement the position or as requested by principal


• Related experience in a similar position with specific experience working as a couple in a vacation home setting.
• Strong housekeeping skills along with the ability to prioritize and adjust to fit the variable changing needs of the Principal
• Detail Oriented and Positive attitude
• Courteous, discreet, honest and responsible character
• No smoking or heavy drinking
• No pets
• Good credit standing and valid driver’s license

No-career changing and no jumping around with employment. Couples with roots in Florida and family/friends in the Florida area would be ideal..

Posted 12-3-2017

Housekeeper / Laundress- Siesta Key, FL

Couple with adult children living in large staffed home seeking professional live out Housekeeper.
You will be responsible for working with the other Housekeeper to maintain the standards of housekeeping in the home. Specific duties include:
• Laundry and ironing
• Housekeeping
• Additional tasks as requested

Qualifications include:
• Strong experience as professional Housekeeper working in a private home with longevity
• Happy, positive personality, self-motivated and proactive.

This is a Monday – Friday position except in July/early August when you rotate working Monday – Friday and the other working Tuesday – Saturday. Sometimes at the Holidays you are asked to come in on a Saturday.

Hourly compensation with medical benefits and pension plan, vacation and paid holidays.

Posted 11/8/2017 HSNI

Maintenance Manager- Siesta Key, FL

Couple is seeking an experience Maintenance Manager. Qualifications include:
• Experience with significant properties in terms of facility oversight with ability to manage them from the owner’s perspective.
• Knowledge / experience with the various systems in a home such as HVAC, electronics, plumbing, pest control, and various other matters that affect real estate property in Florida’s tropical near to the ocean environment.
• Comfortable with texting, internet research and keeping good records on the p/c
• Hands on willing able to lift 75 pounds and be on your feet for 6 or more on duty hours.
• Previous private service experience is valued, but not a requirement
Professional compensation
Posted 11/9/2017 HSNI

Estate Manager / Butler- TX

Westlake, TX Summers in Pebble Beach, CA
Couple with multiple staffed homes is seeking a creative go-to professional to coordinate homes, staff, private aircraft etc. Previous person in this position was there for over 11 years. Detailed job description available. Posted 11/6/2017 HSNI

Housekeeper Professional, NYC

Employer: Couple with adult children. The have homes in Los Angeles, London and Spain. They travel frequently and like to entertain.
Residence: Approximately 20,000 sq. ft. on two levels
Other Staff: Chef and Family Office
•This position if for a Housekeeper – someone who has experience and is perhaps looking to work in a larger, more formal household and has the potential to become an Executive Housekeeper. The basic skills we require are knowledge of housekeeping (basics and for finer things), laundry skills and knowledge of equipment. The candidate should have experience (or be willing to learn) serving meals, setting a table, and assisting in the kitchen. The work days include Saturday and Sunday (days off will be during the week), hours 10 – 6 with flexibility for overtime when events at the house. There is a possibility to be a live-in (there is a small studio apartment in the same building which does not have a kitchen – only small fridge and microwave). This is not a requirement, but the apartment is there for when evenings may run late or other household events require a longer presence.

• Keen eye for detail and willing to take direction
• Quiet and polished disposition
• Knowledgeable in all aspects of laundry including washing and pressing bed and table linens, towels, ladies’ and men’s clothing including the care of couture clothing, children’s clothing and minor repairs.
• Effective cleaning and stain removal and knowledge of “green” products as much as possible.
• Ability to manage technology as it relates to household systems smart phone, texting etc..
Salary: $75k range, negotiable depending on experience with health benefits, accommodation and food
updated 10-24-2017 HSNI